The main reason she had been a narcissist has alot more to accomplish with chemical makeup products when you look at the brain than her parents

The main reason she had been a narcissist has alot more to accomplish with chemical makeup products when you look at the brain than her parents

refusal to produce another young son or daughter for whatever reasons. She was a narcissist on an article about only children and saying she walked all over your feelings, is not a symptom of only child syndrome that you mentioned. That woman obviously would not get any guidance on her behalf BPD and also you suffered from this. I will be therefore sorry for the terrible experience and will ensure you that her problem is neurological rather than after all determined by her mother’s low production of offspring price.

LMAO. It is possible to inform it was compiled by an individual who is affected with only kid syndrome.


I will be a child that is only. This plainly ended up being compiled by a person who wished to disprove the stereotypes of only kids. Could they will have done better by utilizing real research? Yes. Nonetheless, please try not to label all children that are only this. Many of us are various. Many Thanks.


I became simply examining the article and a view for the reviews.

I’m an only son or daughter and i could completely consent to the fact we all have been various. every thing is determined by exactly how we had been mentioned though an exactly how we study on moms and dads family members and buddies!

I just need certainly to state that each true point in this informative article strike the nail close to its mind! my character and ideas are 120% exactly just how it really is described in this specific article.

if u can’t connect I’m sorry!

Lynda Deane

Being a just youngster we was raised resentful that my moms and dads did“give” me siblings n’t to develop up with. We had been lonely. They certainly were both working specialists, I happened to be that is“stuck home with an annoyed, lonely grandmother….as a grownup I experienced 4 young ones and really we wonder if we’re no actual happier than if we’d just had one youngster. I feel/think that is it more in regards to the quality of attention we’re provided as young ones that determines exactly just how satisfied we become as grownups.

The child that is only have always been familiar with at that time is a grown-up male (however have understood several prior)

and he is precise reverse of exactly what you claim just how only kids are, and I also go on it your points are in relation to your very own viewpoint of the way you are rather than any medical data otherwise you’d state your sources simply speaking your piece is extremely problematic and I also must disagree with every point. We each are very different and just children only a few will likely be while the one we know however your points many people aren’t even like this you’re just building your self up then good for you but it has nothing to do with being an only child just the person you yourself are but taking into consideration how flawed this piece is you are over exaggerating so it only gives support to how only children are very spoiled and self righteous take care and do some research by interviewing others of how only children are not how an only child sees themselves if you truly are as these points you make.

Dominic Blais

my action dad is exactly as terrible as they describe

nate hammond

Apologetics or protective?


We greatly appreciate this article. I will be an only youngster (now 27 yrs . old), and I also hardly ever really considered the means that which could perhaps have affected me personally.

This short article has most likely impacted me personally into the direction that is opposite of ended up being meant, but provided me with a far more curved method of taking a look at things.

we particularly appreciate that I had perceived that I now have a better understanding of why I had a, sometimes overwhelming, sense of obligation to meet excessively high standards that were, at the time, perceived to be set by my parents but were very rarely outwardly spoken and not nearly to the extent. My moms and dads had been extremely loving, and I also would often feel accountable for getting overrun as a result of that perception that logically didn’t seem sensible if you ask me. It absolutely was as on myself, yet at times I thought that they had if I put it. We suspect for myself, inaccurately thinking it was what they wanted based upon the situation of being an only child that I set these unrealistic expectations.

In the event that you go through the games of the “misconceptions” noted on this site they seem the same as an only kid label, “I’m in contrast to this, I’m perhaps not like this, individuals immediately think this however they are wrong! Were better as of this…”

…Just an observation, Im the youngest of 3 and sometimes have the “baby associated with the family” remarks

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